Athlete Registration


Registration is open to ladies and mixed teams from across the globe.

Event price includes:

  • World class organized tournament
  • Tournament is indoor and played on 4 wooden sprung courts – plenty of seating for players and spectators
  • Netball legend Vicki Wilson, OAM and current Fiji National Coach will be providing coaching clinic for players and coaches
  • Umpire technical session for players and umpires
  • Free global live event broadcast
  • Heavily discounted rates with many benefits at event hotels
  • Qualified umpires & scorers provided
  • Travel agents to assist with group flights and transportation
  • Free breakfast and wi-fi during stay at Championship hotel
  • Saturday evening function
  • Certified masseuses, athletic trainers and medics
  • Free water and gatorade
  • Injury insurance coverage for US participants 
  • Event tshirt and water bottle
  • Interactive app to see real time scores, upload photos/videos and post comments
  • Opportunities for Netball America to provide you with letters etc to help fundraise
  • Netball trophies/medals for top 3 in each category
  • Tournament location and hotel just 30 minutes from Orlando International Airport

Membership: Applies to US Participants Only
To ensure the ongoing growth and development of Netball in America and its membership base – all US participants must be registered members of Netball America.  Qualification for the membership US Open rate does not allow for breaks in membership nor does it accept participants who only intend to register as a member in order to participate at the US Open member rate.  This is not in the spirit of Netball America membership nor is it fair to those members who pay their yearly membership. 

Anyone wanting to participate in the US Open must have membership monies paid by September 30th, 2017 in order to receive the Full Club Member US Open rate.  Also, if a club/individual wants to participate and was not a paid member of Netball America in the prior year, then they will pay the non-full club member rate plus membership for the current year.  The Non-Full Club member rate also applies to those that do not register their full club as Netball America members and only register US Open participants.

International Teams:
To assist with the development and growth of Netball in America, and in consideration of the additional costs associated with accepting international teams in regards to increased insurance premiums and security requirements, International Teams/Participants will have the following entry requirements:

  • To qualify for the International team/individual participant rate, international teams will be required to provide 2 officials – either 2 umpires or 1 umpire / 1 scorer for the tournament and international participants will be required to either umpire or score in order to get the reduced rate.  There will be a minimum number of games the officials will need to work.
  • If international teams/participants do not want to supply officials then they pay the without official fee rate.

Refundable Team Deposit:
All teams will be required to pay a $100 deposit.  This will be refundable at the end of the tournament (within 15 days), providing the following conditions are met:
– Teams do not foreit any games
– International teams provide the officials as stipulated in the rules
– Teams do not damage any of the equipment, championship hotel or venue


  • A team may register more than 12 players and more than 5 team officials, however only 12 players and 5 team officials can sit on a bench at one time.
  • Each individual player or team, including coaches/managers (those sitting on the bench) are required to complete registration & pay applicable fees.
  • Players may only register for one team.  Players will not be allowed to play in the ladies and mixed categories, unless it falls under the exception category below and has been pre-approved by the Organizing Committee.  However players/coaches may coach teams in another category, however we can’t guarantee that these teams won’t be playing at the same time.
  • Every team, official & volunteer to complete a registration form.
  • In order for a player/manager/coach to qualify to play for their team in any Sunday playoffs, the person concerned must play/participate on the bench, in at least 1 seeding game on the Saturday , i.e. a player must play at least 1 game in the Saturday rounds, a coach must coach at least 1 game.
  • Every participant, official & volunteer required to complete a waiver.
  • Every participant, official & volunteer required to complete the KissimmeeSports survey.

All registration fees must be paid by October 15th.  A $50 late fee per team will be applied to any payments after this date.   A team must pay a deposit in order to secure a spot in the Championships.  This deposit is non-refundable.  Teams who pay this deposit will be honored with the early bird rate until October 15th.  Any payments after October 15th will result in a $50 late fee.  Individuals and teams may register additional participants up until the close of registration on Friday October 26th and this will not result in a $50 late fee however the person will be required to pay the late registration fee as outlined in the table below:

Type of Registration Early registration (per person)

(on or before Sept. 15th)

Late registration (per person)

(on or after Sept. 15 – Oct 15th)

Member Rates

Netball America Full Club member rate.

Netball America Non-Full Club Member rate or membership paid after September 30th, 2017.


$ 100 / person


$120 / person



$ 120 / person


$140 / person

International Rates

International participant (where team provides 2 officials or individual provides 1)

International participant (where team/individual doesn’t provide officials)


$120 / person
$150 / person



$140 / person
$170 / person


Non-Member Rates

Non Netball America member


$150 / person


$170 / person




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