Competition Rules

Tournament will be conducted in accordance with the International Rules of Netball.  Click here for English and here for French.

RegistrationUp to 12 players per team*:

  • Each individual player or team, including coaches/managers (those sitting on the bench) are required to complete registration & pay applicable fees.
  • Non-playing registered team officials will be provided with wrist-bands and these must be worn at all times.  Umpires will remove anyone from the benches not wearing a wrist-band and the offending team  may be penalized.
  • Players may only register for one team.  Players will not be allowed to play in the ladies and mixed categories.  players/coaches may coach teams in another category, however we can’t guarantee that these teams won’t be playing at the same time.  If a team has less than 7 and needs to borrow players from another category ie ladies for mixed or mixed for ladies, then this request will be considered by committee and may be granted depending on the circumstance eg. this may not  be granted if a team has less than 7 due to a player sendoff.  Note- the schedule cannot be changed to accommodate any clashes in games.  Also the player has to have at least played one game in the Saturday seeding matches in order to play in Sunday playoff games.
  • Every team, official & volunteer to complete a registration form.
  • In order for a player to qualify to play for their team in any final playoffs, the player concerned must play in at least 1 game prior to the finals, i.e. a player must play at least 1 game in the Saturday rounds.
  • Every participant, official & volunteer required to complete a waiverDownload the waiverThis waiver must be signed by every participant, volunteer and official at the U.S. Open Netball Championships.  We would prefer to receive these back in advance.  Please email copies to  All information on the waiver must be completed.  If any information is missing the waiver will not be accepted and the person may not take the court until all information is completed.

*Teams may register more than 12 players per team, however only 12 players are allowed to be on the bench for any one game. 

AwardsTrophies will be awarded to: 

  1. Top ranked team in ladies division I
  2. Top ranked team in ladies division II
  3. Top ranked team in the mixed category

Other awards will be given for 2nd and 3rd place teams.

The Netball America Cup will be awarded to the top placed ladies Netball America member team.  Current title holder is CANA New York Storm.

 Netball America Cup Photo

Team Spirit Award – To one team in each category who shows outstanding sportsmanship.

Excellence in Umpiring Award – Awarded to a tournament umpire who shows outstanding qualities throughout the tournament.


1) Time: Captains required to toss and report results to both umpires and score desk before start of game.

Saturday seeding games will run every 20 minutes –  2 x 8 minute halves with 1 minute half-time and 3 minutes between games. 

Sunday playoff games will run every 30 minutes – 2 x 12 minute halves with 3 minutes half-time and 3 minutes between games.

Teams will be notified when there are 30 secs and 10 secs remaining prior to the start of the game and the end of an interval.  At the 10-second warning whistle, teams must move into playing positions for start/re-start of play. 

  • If a team fails to take the court by the start/re-start of play, Umpire shall penalize for deliberate delaying of play
  • If a team fails to take the court within 1 minute of the designated time for start/re-start of play, Umpires shall award the game to the non-offending team.

2) Points:

3 points awarded for a win
1 point for a draw
0 points for a loss / forfeit

In the event of a draw in the standings, the following rules will apply:

1st tie breaker rule: head to head.  Head to head is the result of the game when the 2 teams played each other.  If this was a tie then the next rule will occur:

2nd tie breaker rule: Goal differential.  Goal differential is calculated by the total number of goals scored minus goals conceded.  

3rd tie breaker rule: Goals scored.  The total goals scored of the tournament will be added and compared for each team.

4th tie breaker rule: Goals conceded.  The total goals conceded of the tournament and the team with the lower conceded goals will win.

Only finals will have additional time played for draws.  Time will be 5 minutes each way for 2 halves.  If a 2nd tie occurs then it will be the first team to lead by 2 goals.

3) Categories:  3 final categories: Ladies Division I, Ladies Division II and Mixed.  

Saturday will be seeding games for ladies and mixed teams.

Ladies Saturday seeding will have 12 teams and each team will play each other once.  Mixed Saturday seeding will have 6 teams and each team will play each other twice.   At the end of Saturday the ladies teams will be ranked 1 to 12 and the mixed teams ranked 1 to 6.  For Sunday playoffs the mixed will remain in the one Division while the ladies team gets split into 2 divisions: the top 6 ladies teams will go into Division  I and the bottom 6 ladies teams will go into Division II.

4) Officials: Umpires and scorers will be allocated to matches by tournament Director of Umpiring according to performance.  Umpires are required to have at least a national B grade Netball America badge, unless otherwise approved.  International umpires are welcome and may contact us.   Umpires will be provided with a tournament umpire uniform to wear.

Umpires, scorers, timers wishing to officiate can apply here.  Include qualifications and experience.   Umpires wishing to be scheduled for a practical test should email us

5) Teams:  Players can only register in one category. A mixed team must have a minimum of 1 male player and may have up to a maximum of 3 male players on court.  The males will need to spread out (1 as GS,GA; 1 as either C,WA,WD; and 1 as GK,GD).  Teams cannot have 2 males playing GS/GA or GK/GD at the same time.  Only registered coaches/managers are allowed on the team bench. 

6) Scorer/Timer: Each court will have its own individual scoring system and courts will run on a central timer.

7)  Injury Time: Due to running a central timer no additional time will be played for injury stoppage.

8) Alcohol Policy:  Regulations do not permit possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas.

9) Tobacco Policy: Smoking tobacco and carrying lit tobacco products is prohibited in all buildings on campus.  Smoking must be at least 25 feet of building entrances/exits.

10) Animals Prohibited: Only properly trained & certified service animals are allowed inside.

The decision of the tournament organizers’ shall be final and without appeal.

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